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We help people clarify and brand their ideas. Basically we are a Research & Development Think Tank for everyday people searching for positive outcomes.

Our Mission is in helping people just like you clarify and paint your dream, sell your idea and market your message successfully.

We’ve self-published dozens of books and now teach others how to do this professionally while avoiding being scammed into costly contracts. We’ve successfully marketed our patented ideas with companies such as Mattel, Crayola and Cadaco. We’ve created thousands or works of art and have created and produced over 600 video currently viewed over 1,150,000 times, gaining over 6,000 subscriber in 132 countries and continue to pursuing their entrepreneur passions in art, domain acquisitions, gardening, self-publishing, and Internet marketing.

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Richard & Lynn Voigt – RIVO
I. M. Education Specialists
RIVO INC - RIVO Marketing - RIVO Books
13720 West Keefe Avenue
Brookfield, Wisconsin 53005 – USA

WHO WE ARE: RIVO Inc – RIVO Marketing

We've had the pleasure of working directly with many companies, clients, and personalities since 1997, including:

  • Mattel Toy Company
  • Crayola
  • Cadaco
  • PBS - Public Broadcasting System
  • The Artist In Residence Program
  • Winstar Telecommunications
  • MBG Technologies
  • Door County Visitor's Bureau
  • Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Association
  • Carthage Wisconsin Lutheran
  • Mount Mary College
  • Milwaukee & Wauwatosa Public Schools
  • Osher LIR – University Of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • L.I.R. - Waukesha County Technical College
  • Artist-And-Display
  • Mayfair Allergy Center
  • American Cottage Industries
  • Big Systems
  • Tarton Design

And Personalities Such As:

  • Milwaukee Mayor - John O. Norquist
  • The Great Circus Parade - Ben Barkin
  • Academy Award Winner - Ernest Borgnine

And Hundreds Of Local Businesses
Aspiring Artists
Modeling Portfolios
Our VIP Network Of Affiliates
Thousands Of Sponsor Links
Internet Marketing Partners
And All Of Our Amazing Clients, Members, & Faithful Sponsors


We will help you create a personalized game plan based upon your specific goals, budget, and timeline that will help you to stay on target.

As mentioned, our mentoring program consists of FIVE 2-hour sessions, each targeted
to accomplishing specific steps and tasks for your business. Here's a very brief overview:

Session 1 - Clarify vision-confirm demand-establishing goals-steps & tasks, etc.
Session 2 - Analytic research-unique products-services-videos-personalization-etc.
Session 3 - Business approach-branding, graphics, bookkeeping-delivery systems, etc.
Session 4 - Domain acquisition-targeted traffic-free-paid services, testing-tracking etc
Session 5 - Website development-affiliates-legal entity-sales-customer support-etc.

There are many other creative session options that we can cover once your initial goals are running on auto-pilot. We will help you create a timeline for completing each session’s steps and tasks. What you feel uncomfortable handling a given task, it can be outsourced. Together we will help you decide who does what, when, where, and how.

We'll also clarify any additional fees for any additional tasks or services you want us to
complete or outsource on your behalf, including 3rd party fees for domain registration,
hosting, paid services, tutor demonstrations, audio-videotaping, copy-writing, graphics,
website additions and/or alterations, etc.

Each session will have a satisfaction benchmark and sign off before we proceed to the
next session.

RIVO Marketing

We're confident you will always find great ideas and support at your fingertips and hope you’ll share us with family and friends. When you're ready to begin your journey let us know how best we can help you learn from our personal experiences.


Seeing that you’ve decided to continue reading, be brutally honest with yourself. “Want Do You Really Want?” Remember, this isn’t about money, or lack of it, it’s all about what you really want while you’re still breathing!

This may prove to be the most important decision you ever make in your life. Please STOP reading NOW!

Sit down, take out some paper, pen, or pencil and have a meaningful conversation with yourself. Like creating a shopping list, put all of your “WANTS” down on paper where your fingers can feel the movement of your words, and your eyeball can burn them into memory.

Create your list without any form of judgment: without any limitation, and without fear, doubt, or criticism!

Once you’ve done that, let us show you how to open your dream bank and choose your next living reality!


As professional educators we've worked with thousands of students of all ages over the past 40 years. We've learned that students only eat when they are hungry!

Our question: “Are Your Hungry Enough To Learn Something New?

If you are, then we encourage you to contact us. We will not charge you a single penny until you ask us to!

Your conversation can cover any topic. We will listen. We will not judge. We will listen and when the time is right, we will ask questions – lots of questions that help you find the answers you’re seeking.
Sometimes, you just need an opportunity to talk to a complete stranger about what’s bothering you the most.

You may find it refreshing to learn that it’s not always about finding an answer, but identifying the right questions you need to be asking yourself.

So, if you need to talk to someone, we're here to listen!

P.S. If you don’t have Skype, we encourage you to establish an account. Skype-to-Skype calls are F.R.E.E*. And if you have a video cam hooked up to your computer, you can contact us via Video
Skype and talk to us in person.

We look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you in person via video Skype calls. Our Skype ID is: rivoinc

Or simply enter your conversation/comment/question in the comment area below.


Many Problems In Life & Business Stem From Underlying Or Unrelated Events!

It Isn’t Always About Immediately Fixing Something!

It Isn’t About Jumping To Unwarranted Solutions!

It Isn’t About Passing Judgments Or Criticisms!

It Isn’t Always About Teaching Or Preaching!

People Simply Need To Talk About The Painful Feelings That Are Proving To Be Counter-Productive, Disruptive, Distracting, And Extremely Self-Damaging To Their Overall Health, Relationships, And Financial Security.

It’s Amazing How Much A Person Can Learn About Themselves. Just By Listening To Their Own Thoughts And Words As They Speak It Allows Them To Go Deeper Into Any Situation. And When They Do, They Start To See Situations Clearer. They Begin To Understand What Works In Their Life, And What Doesn’t.

When That Breakthrough Moment Occurs, Clarity Can Instantly Turn Any Life Or Business Situation Around Into The Direction That Feels Better, Feels More Productive, And In The End Produces Results In The BIG Three – Health, Relationships, & Financial Security Combined, Creating True Wealth.

Hey, We All Need To Feel Loved, Respected, And Appreciated!

And Yes, At Some Point We Each Need To Take Full Responsibility For All The Things We Attract Into Our Lives, Both The Good And The Bad.

Some Things We Can Change And Accomplish On Our Own. However, Sometimes We Need The Support Of A Compassionate Mentor, Teacher, Or Coach. Someone Who Is Firm, Fair, Yet Extremely Supportive Of The Direction We Seek. Someone Who Will Hold Us Accountable For Goals And Tasks We Set, In Order To Achieve The Results We Want To Accomplish.

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